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DR IHEME N. NDUKWE REVIVAL MINISTRY is a work and ministry serving God to restore the Minister, Family, Church & Nations back to God and His Word by the transforming power of Jesus Christ/God’s Word through the help of the Holy Spirit.

DR IHEME N. NDUKWE REVIVAL MINISTRY is non-denominational: so it is NOT a church. It's scope is inter-denominational, it's operations - the Full-Gospel and it's activities, revival and so will network with like-minded ministers and churches.


DR IHEME N. NDUKWE REVIVAL MINISTRY is not intended to break church and thus has no room for church breakers and break-out churches except those ready for change and return, conformation and restoration to God’s word.

It has room ONLY for Jesus and to …

  • Preach and Teach the timeless Truth of  God’s word pure and unadulterated from the Bible as inspired by the Holy Spirit, in practical ways that will touch, enliven, re-direct and re-order, impact, change & transform real people like you.

  • Mentor and disciple Ministers to Restore the word of God …..This mentorship is Revival-oriented to train and equip leaders and their churches for the dawning harvest of souls. If any man purges himself he will be a vessel fit for the Master’s use.

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