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Jesus' "My Church" is not the physical edifice of woods, stone or marbles. It is neither just any assembly or congregation of men, women or families neither Is it a disordered assembly as seen in Acts 19. 24-40.

The church is a living organism that has members who are alive in Christ and presenting their bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God as their reasonable service to Him.

They individually have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them so they are a living holy temple of God; and as they are called out in His name, they are organised in some cases as local group as we can see, as in churches in Jerusalem (Acts 5:11), Antioch (Acts 13:1) and Caesarea (Acts 18:22).

There is a need for the church to be organised to avoid disorder.

There's life in the living church because every believer is gifted by the Spirit because the Spirit of God is dwelling in each believer and each one brings life into the congregation.

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R/N 7 - Jesus "My Church "

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